Poly Tunnel Pottering

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I wanted to update you on my journey into the growing side of things @ElaineGrows – a grower florist or small scale flower farmer. As a non-gardener to date, this is all very new to me, but I’m passionate about seasonal cut flowers and I wanted to experiment with growing my own.
So, last year after a lot of googling and twitter following, I bought my first seeds from Benjamin Ranyard @HiggledgyGarden (the best cut flower seeds ever!).

My @HiggledyGarden seedlings are presently running rampant in my poly tunnel, maybe we’ve had a mild winter to date or maybe they are just supposed to be this big – I’m unsure but its all part of the learning journey! I sowed in Autumn (in October as it was in the tunnel, but if you are sowing outside in Northern Ireland you probably want to sow earlier, perhaps at the end of August). Sowing in Autumn should give me super strong plants that are more productive and flower earlier that if sown in Spring and if all goes well they will be flowering by May.

The Higgledy Garden Mix included Ammi Majus, Calendula ‘Indian Prince’, Cornflowers ‘Blue Ball’, Corncockle, Bupleurum, Gypsophila ‘Covent Garden’, Nigella ‘Persian Jewels’, Godetia ‘Crown Mix’, Larkspur‘Giant Imperials’, Candytuft, Eschscholzia Californian Poppy ‘Orange King’ and Scabiosa‘Crown’ – See more at: http://higgledygarden.com/products-page/seed-collections/#sthash.bcSbFSWq.dpuf

I’m really looking forward to the Ammi flowering it’s a tall, white, willowy hardy annual that has been likened to Gypsophlia on red bull. Nigella ‘Persian Jewel’ is an old school favourite, better known as ‘Love In The Mist’ and is reminiscent of old cottage gardens. Cornflower ‘Blue Ball’ is also a favourite, a sky blue ball of loveliness and easy to grow! I’ve also planted some Spring bulbs from Sarah Raven, Ranunculus, Anemones and Tulips.

I’m very excited to watch the growth of these seedlings each week, they are like little babies that need to be nurtured and I’ll probably burst with pride when they start to flower!! #excitedgrowerflorist #niflowers #britishflowers

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