#BritishFlowerWeek and Locally Grown Seasonal Flowers for your Wedding

I couldn’t let ‪#‎Britishflowersweek pass by without a post. This is the second year of the celebration of British grown flowers, an idea devised by the New Covent Garden Flower Market, the main hub of flower trading in the UK. The idea is to raise awareness about the choice and availability of home-grown blooms and foliage in a market dominated by imports.

Wildflower Posy Jar
Wildflower Posy Jar by Ditsy Floral Design

My own cut flower patch is starting to be quite productive. There’s love-in-a-mist, cornflowers, larkspur, cosmos, scabiosa, sweetpea, sweet william, candytuft and ammi. At home there aren’t many surfaces left which don’t have vases on them! Even so my scale of production, a polytunnel and a few raised beds, is tiny compared to the new breed of artisan flower farmers springing up across the water in GB. There seems to be a renewed interest in locally grown flowers, particularly with couples planning their wedding, so here’s my top reasons for choosing locally grown seasonal flowers for your wedding:

Why buy Locally Grown Seasonal Flowers for your wedding?

  • Flowers are grown, not flown!  Nearly 90% of the flowers sold in the UK are imported and many travel over 3000 miles.  The average flower miles of my bouquets are much less, as well as the plant material I supply from my own garden, I source from NI flower farmers and British growers as much as possible.
  • Flowers are hand picked the day before your wedding, ensuring they are at their freshest, most scented and will last longer in your vase.
  • Seasonal, locally grown flowers are very much ‘on trend’ at the moment with a move to supporting the local economy, local producers, as well as a shift back to more traditional native flowers such as Sweet Pea, Nigella and Cornflowers, flowers that would have been used by florists in years gone by, therefore a genuine nod to Vintage styling.
  • Seasonal flowers can be more cost effective for the budget conscious bride.
  • Local or home grown flowers help biodiversity, providing food and habitat to a variety of butterflies, bugs and bees.
Peony Bouquet, peonies locally grown by Moorfield Flowers and arranged by Ditsy Floral Design
Peony Bouquet, peonies locally grown by Moorfield Flowers and arranged by Ditsy Floral Design

Happy wedding planning and remember, you can also support local flower farmers and growers when you buy flowers from the supermarket or florist, always check for an origin sticker on supermarket flowers or ask your florist!

Thanks for reading xx

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