Bold and Beautiful Wedding Blooms

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Home Grown Wedding Bouquet August Wedding
Rosie & Donal’s Wedding Flowers 23 Aug 2013

Last August, I had the pleasure of working with a bride who had a vision of a bold and beautiful ‘free spirit’ floral theme.  She was also a dedicated #homegrower and had been growing Dahlias in her garden all summer…they were perfect!

After the big day, she and her new husband were planning to travel abroad to teach English, so wanting to incorporate this travel theme, we found a vintage style world map which inspired lots of hot summer colours, think ‘latino vibe’ in big, bold blooms – Zinnias, Dahlias, China Aster and Hydrangea.  I used a variety of colours and textures to create a relaxed, bohemian look that suited this bride perfectly.

As always with flowers, pictures say so much more than words…

Happy first Wedding Anniversary Rosie and Donal.

Thanks for reading

#DitsyFloralDesign xx

2 thoughts on “Bold and Beautiful Wedding Blooms

  1. Thank you Elaine, this is such a lovely blog. We were actually home a few weeks ago for a holiday and luckily I managed to see some of my Dahlias in bloom! It brought me back! 🙂

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